1906 Club

Ellesborough GC is a member of the prestigious 1906 club.

Reciprocal agreements are available with a select set of golf clubs that were founded in the same year as Ellesborough.

Full details of participating clubs and how to arrange to play there are available in the Members Hub.

Look in the Documents / Golf Information folder.

James Braid Association

Ellesborough Golf Club is a member of The Association of James Braid Courses.

Formed in 2009 by one of Henley Golf Club’s Past Captains and Past President, the Association now has over 300 member clubs of the some 411 courses James Braid either designed originally or altered (of the 411, 39 are defunct and 6 were plans only).

The courses are to be found in Ireland, Wales, England and Scotland with one in New York. Ellesborough Golf Club members and members of all the clubs in the Association can enjoy preferential green fees at these courses, by booking in advance. A full list of courses and rates is posted below.

Association JB Courses 2022

The list is updated each year with new member clubs and amended rates.

There are some conditions attached to this offer, which are listed below.

1. Tee reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance.
2. You must state when booking that Ellesborough are part of the Association of James Braid Courses
3. A handicap certificate will need to be shown when arriving at the host club
4. Bookings will only be accepted based on the host clubs tee availability
5. The green fee charged will be the host clubs members guest rate
6. Green fees are valid for both Ladies and Gentlemen
7. The rates are for members only and not a group or society booking

It is hoped that you see this Association as an added benefit to your membership of Ellesborough and you find the time to take advantage of this offer.

County Card Scheme

The BB&O County Card Scheme has been put together to enable Members of Affiliated Clubs to play at other courses – both within BB&O and other English Counties – at reduced green fee rates. The scheme mirrors those which have been adopted in most County Unions and provides benefits to Club Members, Clubs and the County Union. Within England there is a consortium’ of County Unions which enables County Card Members to play at any of the host courses within any of those County Unions. BB&O is now firmly established in that ‘consortium’ and has in fact been instrumental in expanding the Scheme to another 30 Counties. All of these courses – together with those BB&O Clubs who have joined up – will be available to BB&O County Card Members.

In summary, the BB&O County Card Scheme includes the following:

Annual membership is £15.00

County Card Members may play at least once at any of the Host Clubs on the list (some Host Clubs may allow more than one visit).

Bookings must be made in advance with the Host Club. Restrictions on time and day of the week may apply. In general, bookings will not be accepted for weekends or Bank Holidays.

County Card Members must have current handicaps and must agree to be bound by the rules of the Club being visited.

The County Card may only be used for groups of up to 4 players and may not be used in connection with larger groups or societies.

Card Members will be issued with a ‘County Card’ annually. Participating Clubs will be listed on the website along with links to that Club. The County office will work with each Club to attract the best offers and market them as clearly as possible.

For further information please visit www.bbogolf.com

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