To ensure that members, guests and visitors feel welcome and enjoy the ‘Ellesborough experience’, our dress code recognises golf’s finest traditions, whilst being mindful of changing times. Members and visitors are required to observe the Club’s dress code, which requires a standard of smart, contemporary golf and casual clothes, both on the Course and in the Clubhouse.
• Golfers are expected to wear clothing that is smart, tidy and is readily recognisable golfing attire. Golf shoes must be worn on the Course – with spikes or soft studs/stipples
• Trousers, shorts, or skirts should be tailored, and we would prefer golf shirts to be tucked in unless designed to be worn outside the waist band
• Knee, ankle length or trainer sports socks, of any colour may be worn with shorts or skirts. Caps to be worn peak forward
• Items not considered to be recognised golf clothing include all denim, cargo shorts or combat style, beach or athletic wear including training shoes, T-shirts, track suits and football/rugby shirts.
• Changing into Golf Shoes in the Car Park area is permitted.

We seek to provide a relaxed and sociable ambience throughout the clubhouse, and welcome smart casual wear such:- Deck and casual shoes worn with or without socks are acceptable and Black or coloured jeans are acceptable.
Items that are not considered smart casual include:
• Distressed Denim jeans, beachwear, soiled or untidy clothing
• Golf shoes of any variety which have been worn on the Course and outdoor wet weather clothing are not permitted in the main function rooms
- All Club functions and organised events require appropriate standards of attire and the dress code for each event will be specified when promoting the function or event.
- Juniors are encouraged to dress with consideration to the above dress code.
INFORMATION: As a Members’ Club we believe it is important that each member is solely responsible for ensuring that they and their guests follow these guidelines. To facilitate this we have asked the Director of Golf (and his designated staff) to take complete responsibility for discretely advising members if he/they considers the guidelines have not been met

Mobile Phones

All Mobile Phones/PDAs must be on Silent at all times and, except in the case of genuine emergency, must not be used as a phone in the Clubhouse or on the Course.

Other uses – texting, emailing, Internet, diary, etc – are permitted providing the equipment is on Silent. Members, guests and visitors are requested to be considerate of others when operating their mobile phones/PDAs in these modes.


It is the responsibility of Ellesborough Golf Club to ensure the welfare and safety of all Juniors participating at our Club. 

The Ellesborough Golf Club Welfare Officer will liaise with England Golf to ensure any concerns are dealt with. Please view our Child Protection Policy.

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