The Academy

at Ellesborough Golf Club

If you would like to start playing golf and enjoy all the benefits of being part of a thriving Golf Club, then the Golf Academy at Ellesborough is an ideal way to begin.

The Academy is aimed at all adults who have little or no golfing experience and will give you the skills and ability to become a full time member of the Club, enabling you to participate confidently in social as well as competition golf. Getting the basics right from the start is key to improving your game and this is best achieved through regular lessons, professional tuition and practice sessions. The emphasis is on flexibility, enabling you to progress as quickly as your skills develop.

By joining the Academy at Ellesborough you will enjoy the following benefits:

• Six 30 minute individual tuition lessons with our PGA Professional, taken at 3-4 week intervals with free practice sessions in between.
• Use of Ellesborough’s extensive practice facilities for iron play, chipping and putting.
• A bag of returnable balls every time you practice.
• At their discretion, a 9-hole playing lesson with our PGA Professional following your six individual lessons.
• Once deemed ready by the Professional, you will be able to play as often as you wish at Academy member tee times, when the Course is likely to be quiet, until you and the Professional decide you are ready to take up full membership of the Club.
• Use of Club facilities including changing rooms, Clubhouse and terrace.
• A Bar Card which gives you generous discounts on bar and food purchases.
• A Bag Tag showing your membership of the Academy.
• A Club Diary which shows you what is going on at the Club, both golfing and social events.

All of the above costs only £395.00 p.a.

Joining the Academy at Ellesborough will give you the opportunity to become a full member of the Club and lead you into years of golfing enjoyment in the company of like-minded people.

For more details about the Academy please contact our friendly Office staff who will provide you with an Application Form.

Telephone 01296 622114


Testimonials about The Golf Academy

Here are a few comments from people who started their golfing journeys in the EGC Academy and who have gone on to become full time members of the Club.

“I was nervous about playing golf because of my limited knowledge and ability. The Ellesborough Academy was an excellent way to ‘dip my toe’ into the game and see whether it really was for me!
It proved to be tremendous fun, playing with others of a similar standard whilst equipping me with the confidence and knowledge to transition to full membership.
It has opened up an exciting new chapter in my life. I have a great group of new friends and now thoroughly enjoy being part of a very warm and welcoming Ladies Section.”
Alison Oakes

“Having never played golf before, the Golf Academy at Ellesborough gave me the opportunity to learn at my own pace. I don’t think I would have become a member without it. Academy membership gave me excellent tuition and access to practice facilities but also tremendous support from the ladies section of the club. I didn’t expect to love the golf so much but quickly realised that there is much more to the club than golf. The ladies have been so welcoming and I have made lots of new friends.”
Ros Connor

“I have been really surprised at just how much I enjoy playing golf.
It is entirely down to the brilliant academy program in place at Ellesborough.
The academy provides excellent value for money including lessons with the professional, mentoring, great practice facilities and camaraderie. Everyone is encouraged to do their best without any undue pressure.
I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity I have been given.”
Suzanne Packard

“The academy is a great way to get into golf and onto the course with the added bonus of being able to transition to full membership at the club.
Encouragement is given by so many to help your game improve and be confident on the course. I have met some wonderful people and made friends along the way.”
Cath Pilkington

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