Membership Subscriptions

In 2010 the Club restructured the annual subscription fees to remove the joining fee and to ensure that its fees are very competitive with other quality clubs. The new fee structure is shown below:

Subscription Fees 2021 to 2022

Membership CategorySubscription **
New Full Member *£1730.00
New Full Member 31-39 years old£1150.00
Intermediate (26-30)£974.00
Intermediate (21-25)£820.00
Intermediate (18-20)£568.00
Intermediate in Full Time Education (18-25)£362.00
Junior (up to 18)£150.00
Cadet (Junior Beginner)£75.00
Academy (Adult Beginner)£381.00

* Armed Forces Membership Category (with special concessions in respect of posting/detachment mobility) is available for members of the Armed Forces at the rates shown above.

** The Club has an arrangement with Fairway Credit for any member who wishes to spread his or her subscription over 12 months.

The subscription year runs from 1 April to 31 March, but new members can join part way through the year, if spaces are available, paying pro-rata for the number of whole months remaining to the end of the subscription year.

After 5 years, the New Full Membership rate reduces to the Members’ Loyalty Rate, presently £ 1,530.00

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